Ordering :

All prices are shown in US Dollars.

The larger the order the greater the discount we can offer !!

To place an order :     
                                       Please send us an email with the relevant item numbers,  your postal address and preferred postal method, as well as any special requirements you might have. 
                                       Once we've received these details we will confirm the parcel's total cost including the postage. 
                                       We accept payments by Paypal, bank transfer, international money orders and other payment options are available if required.
                                       Parcels will only be posted after the payment has been received
Packaging Methods :
                                       Several different packaging methods are employed depending on the fragility of the items involved :
                                            -  Robust specimens are wrapped inside a ball of soft plastic.
                                            -  Fragile specimens are packed inside a plastic container completely filled with soap powder.
                                            -  Very fragile specimens are glued into a plastic container.  We use two different types of glue to do this :
                                                    - Low temperature hot glue that is easily dissolved with hot water.
                                                    - 450 Quick Dry Adhesive that is easily dissolved with acetone.

Return policy :  

Parcels posted are sent at our risk.  

                                       Replacement specimen or a refund will be provided for any item received which has been damaged enroute.

                                       Items found to be unwanted upon receipt can be returned for a refund less the postage cost.  
                                       Notice should be given to us before returns are sent and the refund will only be provided once the returned item has been received back.